*Annual Event 2022, Online Streaming*

July 1st through August 30th, 2022

There are two awards in each category, one will be determined by the judges and one by audience.

People can vote and email us their favorite film together with their ticket number to:

[email protected]

   *** Click here for the List of the films and categories on the online streaming ***


All films could be viewed on a Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet at the comfort of your home.

The AGPIFF has chosen about 165 films from fifty countries, all competing in several categories for a chance to win our

Golden Judges Award”

"Golden Audience Award"

Each movie compete with other independent award winning films by world-class talents. With our judges from different countries including 

the United States of America, Italy, India, Canada, Switzerland, Iran and the United Kingdom,

this festival is an amazing platform for all filmmakers and fans.

The chosen films for streaming are grouped in different categories of Short and Long including:

Feature Narrative, Fiction Short, Animation, Documentary, Music Video and Quarantine Films

The Non-English language films had English subtitles.

“The movies in this online competition can not be viewable to the general public for free but can be only viewable by those who purchase the tickets, 

and only during the streaming dates.”

The added benefit year's of 2022 to an online event is that 

YOU could able to ask friends and family throughout the world to see your film  and vote online competition of the

“American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2022”.

The films in each category and more information about this online event and tickets can be find in:


We are excited to offer you access to many films! and experience American Golden Picture International Film Festival at home!


1- Where could I find the list of the films and categories on the online streaming:

*** Click here for the List of the films and categories on the online streaming ***

2- How to start watching the online streaming?

You needed to buy a ticket from our FilmFreeWay page “Get Tickets”: 

You should received an email with the video streaming link. This link could take you to the AGPIFF streaming platform where you can 

begin watching your chosen films. If you have not received the link in July,  you can contact us by email:

[email protected]

3- What was the date of the online streaming?

American Golden Picture International Film Festival streaming films will be accessible from July 1st, 2022 through August 30th, 2022 .

4- Are the unused tickets refundable?

The tickets could be used during the streaming dates only and they can be void afterwards. No refund can be given for unused tickets.

5- How much did the ticket cost?

For information about each category group tickets and prices you can see our FilmFreeWay page “Get Tickets”:


*** Click here for the List of the films and categories on the online streaming ***