American Golden Picture

International Film Festival

Current Festival, "Official Selection" Films of the "American Golden Picture IFF" #8,  February 2020

“American Golden Picture International Film Festival”

has "Officially Selected" these films for February 2020 competition: (So Far)

1- "Clowning Around", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Robert Cunniff

2- "Bathing Beauty", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Jim Mendrinos

3- "Tears of Gomti", Documentary Short (India)

Directed by: Baksish Singh

4- "Ominous Laughter", Trailer (USA)

Dircted by: Mike Langan

5- "Nut Milking Exposed", Fiction Short (Canada)

Directed by: Nick Saik

6- "Rainfalls", Narrative Feature Long (USA)

Directed by: Richard Poche

7- "I Will Walk With God", Fiction Short (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Ian Woodward

8- "It Looks Like Food", Animated Short (USA)

Directed by: Kevin Harkins

9- "For Our Children", Documentary Long (Poland)

Directed by: Marek Kiosowicz

10- "You're A Dead Man", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Alex Pont

11- "Not Enough Time", Short Fiction (Australia)

Directed by: Jordan Frith

12- "Called to the Front Line", Documentary Long (USA)

Directed by: Kenneth Nwadike

13- "Dhumkkudiya", Narrative Feature Film (India)

Directed by: Nandlal Nayak

14- "The Bet", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Tian He

15- "Harmonie", Narrative Feature Film (Austria)

Directed by: Juana Jimenez

16- "Claire", Documentary Short (USA)

Directed by: Nick Reed & Ryan Azevedo

17- "The Invitation", Fiction Short (Germany)

Directed by: Thorsten Schade

18- "Halfway", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Ali Orokzai

19- "Homo Sapiens in Space", Documentary Short (Irland)

Directed by: Damien Donnelly

20- "Confession" and "Time Crisis", Posters (USA)

By: Yiming Bian

21- "Don't Leave Me", Music Video (Brazil)

Directed by: Leonardo Fiorito & Alexandre Moretzsohn

22- "Released", Poster (USA)

Directed by: Forrest Tuff

23- "Heading Out of Babylon", Music Video (Canada)

Directed by: Gerry Manus

24- "Deadly Promises", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: Thomas Crouser Jr.

25- "Antarctica", Documentary Short (Ukraine)

Directed by: Olga and Andrii Andreiev

26- "Faith in A Valley", Poster (USA)

Directed by: Curtis Maynard

27- "Like Myself", Music Video (Armenia)

Directed by: Khachik Yeghoyan

28- "Breakfast", Poster (USA)

Directed by: Adam Michael

29- "Hail", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Leszczynski D Joseph

30- "Two Autumns In Paris", Feature Narrative Long (Venezuela)

Directed by: Gibelys Coronado

31- "Thy Neighbor", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: George A. Johanson

32- "Kite", Animated Short (China)

Directed by: HongWei Wang

33- "Broken Halos", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: Michael Kampa

34- "Lost and Found", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Dezmyre Volmeus

35- "Seaper Powers", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Kim Cameron

36- "Lure", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Jose Ledezma

37- "Honoring America's Heroes", Documentary Short (USA)

Directed by: Tony Wilson

38- "We Give Everything for You", Commercial (Spain)

Directed by: Gloria Tejero, Daniel Diaz