"Official Selection" Films of the 

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival"

2nd year, 12th edition,  June 2021

1- "The Manor", Fiction Short (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Blake Ridder

2- "54 Years Late", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Michele Wright

3- "All Too Beautiful",  Animation (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Joshua Wright

4- "Narrow Path", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Oliver Palmer

5- "Trazzeri", Documentary (Italy)

Directed by: Giovanni Caccamo

6- "The Depression  of detective downs 2 ...", Animation (USA)

Directed by: Anthony Thurman

7- "Good Intention", Fiction Short (Canada)

Directed by: Dean Perseo Stephane Saint-Onge

8- "The Local", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Dalton Burdette

9- "Ode To An Inanimate Companion", Animation (Singapore)

Directed by: Susan Lim, Christina Deenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

10- "The Knights of Early LA", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Ron Cooper

11- "Exchange Eternal", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: Paint VK

12- "Once", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Jeff  Torres

13- "Greeting From Nowhere", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Benjamin Eacker

14- "Grinders", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Anndrew Heller

15- "Anton", Animation (USA)

Directed by: Yen Jui Lu

16- "The United State of Fashion Designer Elie Tahari", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: David Serero

17- "Faces Of Dead Women", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Joshua Nelson

18- "End Times", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Timothy Allen Coon & Jonathan Daniel Schenk  

19- "Borders and Frontiers of Gender: ...", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Katrina Spillman

20- "Monkey & Cat", Animation (USA)

Directed by: Artie Romero

21- "Playing With Fire", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Jacob Andres Padilla