"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

3rd year, 12th edition, June 2022

1- "Zombie Resurrection", Fiction Short

Directed by: Brad Prime (USA)

2- "Children Are Angels", Fiction Short

Directed by: Bahar Ebrahim (Germany)

3- "Musher", Documentary 

Directed by: Anuradha Rana (USA)

4- "Because We Come From Afar", Documentary

Directed by: Cedrick Isham Calvados (France)

5- "Locked Room 2020", Quarantine Film

Directed by: Paint VK (USA)

6- "Itch", Fiction Short

Directed by: Shaun Boosheri (United Kingdom)

7- "Solstice", Animation

Directed by: Justin Vu (USA)

8- "What Else Is On?", Feature Narrative Long

Directed by: Tyler Council (USA)

9- "Timeless", Animation

Directed by: Susan Mey Lee Lim, 

Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan (USA)

10- "Dooba Dooba", Feature Narrative Long 

Directed by: Ehrland Hollingsworth (USA)

11- "The Wealthiest Man In The World", Fiction Short

Directed by: Josia Johanson (USA)