"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

3rd year, 11th edition, May 2022

1- "The Workshop 3", Fiction Short

Directed by: Stacey Steele, Christopher Martel (USA)

2- "War On The Innocent", Music Video

Directed by: Peter Renzullo (Australia)

3- "Freedom Called", Music Video

Directed by: Philip W. Paz (USA)

4- "The Alan Song", Animation 

Directed by: Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, 

Samudra Kajal Saikia (Singapore)

5- "Her Monster", Fiction Short

Directed by: Ted Tanaka & Dylan Garcia (USA)

6- "Poetry Zaban", Documentary

Director: Amir Har-Gil (Israel)

7- "For the Love of Arts", Fiction Short

Directed by: Aurora Flechilla (USA)

8- "Mad Scientists", Trailer

Directed by: Antonia Tong (USA)

9- "Surviving Pules: ...", Documentary

Directed by: Alexa Sheehan (USA)

10- "love, Lost and Found", Fiction Short

Directed by: Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)

11- "Have You Checked the Children", Fiction Short

Directed by: Joseph Maddalone (USA)

12- "Hard Plastic", Fiction Short

Directed by: Katrina R. Villareal (USA)

13- "A Silent Call ...", Feature Narrative 

Directed by: Ana A. Prickett Braunstein (USA)

14- "The Long Haul", Documentary

Directed by: Scott Harves (USA)

15- "Antha Naal", Feature Narrative Long

Directed by: Vivy Kathiresan (India)

16- "A Broken Man", Trailer

Directed by: Leonidas Gioldasis (Australia)