"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

3rd year, 5th edition, November 2021

1- "Ghosted", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Michael Loa

2- "Disgrace", Music Video (Australia)

Directed by: Peter Renzullo

3- "Cooper Lines", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Banjii & Mayuri

4- "Black Collar", Fiction Short (Canada)

Directed by: GwenRogers

5- "The Legend Of Doon Rah", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Daniel Alexander Lynch

6- "The Offer", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Daniel Alexander Lynch

7- "Enemy Of The Heart", Feature Narrative Long (Uinted Kingdom)

Directed by: Claryn Scott

8- "There is Exactly Enough Time", Animation (Austria)

Directed by: Oskar Salomonowitz

9- "Happy Places", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Nich Frost

10- "We Kept American Great", Documentary Short (USA)

Directed by: Johnnie O Michael

11- "You Know", Fiction Short (Russian Federation)

Directed by: Anna Lomova

12- "Overweight", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Alan J. Chriest