American Golden Picture

International Film Festival

Award Winner & Official Selection Films of
"American Golden Picture International Film Festival" #3, September 2019

Best Feature Narrative Long Film

Best Directing

Best Screenplay

*I'm Sinner*

Directed by Jay Dogra (USA)

Best Documentary Long Film:

*At Rainbow End*

Directed by Mark Lee (Malayzia)

Best Animated Short Film 1:

*The Dream of a Clear City*

Directed by Sama Ghasemi (Iran)

Best Animated Short Film 2:

*Trash Panda*

Directed by Alec Baumzweig (USA)

Best First Time Filmmaker:


Directed by Martin Blank (USA)

Best Lead Actor:

*My Village*

Lead Actor: Justin Bernard (Tanzania)

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

*One Night In Tehran*

Cinematographer: Roozbeh Raiga (Iran)

Best Music Video:

*Pearl Cadillac*

Directed by: Clement Oberto (USA)

Best Fiction Short Film:


Directed by Sreehari Purimetla & Adithya Joshi (India)

"Official Selection" Films of the "American Golden Picture IFF" #3,  September 2019

“American Golden Picture International Film Festival”

has "Officially Selected" these films for September 2019 competition:

1- "Tabbigail's Complaint", Fiction Short Film (USA)

Directed by: Mark Glaeser

2- "One Night In Tehran", Narrative Feature Film (Iran)

Directed by: Farh​ad Najafi

3- "I'm Sinner", Narrative Feature Film (USA)

Directed by: Jay Dogra

4- "Influence", Fiction Short Film (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Marina Fistal

5- "Boost", Fiction Short Film (USA)

Directed by: Brad Watts

6- "Alia", Fiction Short Film (India)

Directed by: Sreehari Purimetla & Adithya Joshi

7- "Pearl Cadillac", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Clement Oberto

8- "My Village" Narrative Feature Film (Tanzania)

Directed by: Salum Ahmed & Ali Marisho

9- "Backbeat", Fiction Short Film (USA)

Directed by: Martin Blank

10- "The Dream of the Clear City", Animated Short (Iran)

Directed By: Sama Ghasemi

11- "Regret", Fiction Short Film ( USA)

Directed by: Darsh Patel

12- "Prison", Fiction Short Film (Turky)

Dircted by: Ramazan Cardak

13- "Trash Panda", Animated short (USA)

Directed by Alec Baumzweig

14- "Reliving Marilyn", Narrative Feature Film (Canada)

Directed by Morgan Blackbyrne

15- "Herptiles", Animated Short (USA)

Directed By: Wayne Livingston

16- "Blue Funk", Fiction Short Film (India)

Directed by: Ashutosh Jha

17- "The Nun's Kaddish", Fiction Short Film (Portugal)

Directed by: Luis Ismael

18- "The Mistake", Trailer (India)

Directed by: Rahul Balooni

19- "At Rainbow's End", Documentary Long Film (Malaysia)

Directed by: Mark Lee