* Annual Event 2020, Film Streaming *

August 1st through August 31st, 2020

Closed now!

We had 185 films from fifty countries, all competing in 6 categories.

There were two awards in each category, one will be determined by the judges and one by audience.

People could vote and email us their favorite film together with the ticket number to:

[email protected]

* Category Group Tickets *

* List of the films in each category *

Feature Narrative Long - 25 Films:

"Two autumns in Paris"

Feature Narrative Long (Venezuela)


Gibelys Coronado: Director

Gustavo Michelena, Francisco Villarroel, Gibelys Coronado: Writer

Francisco Vilarroel: Executive Producer

"S'ids Lake"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:31:00

Kevin Ruiz: Writer & Director

Cheryl Ruiz: Producer

"Boogie Man"

Feature Narrative long

(United Kingdom)

Runtime: 01:34:00

Andy Morahan: Director

Andy Morahan, Simon Olivier: Writer

Paul G. Andrews, Scott Millaney: Producer

"Equivocal Redemption"

Feature Narrative Long (Australia)

Runtime: 00:51:13

Daniel Widdowson: Director & Writer

Vivien Sale: Producer

"My Village"

Feature Narrative Long (Tanzania)

Runtime: 01:40:14

Salum Ahmed, Ali Mrisho: Director

Salum Ahmed (Steven Lino): Writer

Yunus Daudi ( Afal Darrax): Producer


Feature Narrative (Argentina)


Octavio Revol Molina: Director

Octavio Revol Molina: Writer

Gastón Revol Molina, Melisa Giordano: Producer

"The Real Exorcist"

Feature Narrative long (Japan)

Runtime: 01:48:16

Shokyo Oda: Director

Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka Okawa: Writer

Kaoru Ota, Yusaku Hamada, Mia Tomikawa: Producer

"Into The Void"

Feature Narrative Long (Canada)

Runtime: 01:24:17

Jordan Cantello: Writer & Director Jordan Cantello: Producer

"Sweet Sunshine"

Feature Narrative (USA)

Long Runtime:01:33:00

Craig McMahon: Director

Craig McMahon: Writer

Lacy McMahon: Producer


Feature Narrative Long (USA) Runtime: 01:34:00

McLoughlin: Writer & Director

Brian Goldesberry, Michelle McCurry, Stephen Mitchell: Producer

"Tequila Flavored Cigarettes"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:16:56

Bobby McGruther: Director

Bobby McGruther, OJ Reyes: Writer & Producer

"Where Is My Home"

Feature Narraative Long (China)

Runtime: 01:36:00

Xu Quan: Director & Writer

Sun Dongmei: Producer

"Out of the Blue"

Feature Narrative Long (Italy)

Runtime: 01:00:24

Fabrizio Fiore, Thomas Battista: Director

Luigi Salerno: Writer

Noctefilm: Producer


Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:15:00

Richard Poche: Director

Gerald Keith: Writer


Feature Narrative Long (Japan)

Runtime: 01:34:45

Takehiro Shindo: Director

Aya Swada: Writer

Akiko Misaizu: Producer

"One Night In Tehran"

Feature Narrative Long (Iran)

Runtime: 01:20:00

Farhad Najafi: Director

Farhad Najafi, Hamid Salimi: Writer

Mohammad Ahmadi: Producer


Feature Narrative Long

(United Kingdom)

Runtime: 01:05:33

Dave Green & Dan McGee: Director

Dave Gree & Dan McGee: Writer

"All My Tomorrows"

Feature Narrative Long


Runtime: 00:51:06

Jeffrey van Davis: Writer & Director

Jeffrey van Davis: Producer


Feature Narrative Long (Canada) Runtime: 01:44:10

Gilbert Allan: Director & Producer

Casey Richards: Writer


Feature Narrative Long (Australia)

Runtime: 01:55:12

Peter Renzullo: Writer & Director Peter Renzullo: Producer

"Anima Sola"

Feature Narrative Long (Brazil)

Runtime: 01:12:00

Roberto Jabor: Writer & Director Roberto Jabor: Producer

"I'm Sinner"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)


JAY DOGRA: Director & Writer


"Forbidden Power"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:34:00

Paul Kyriazi: Writer & Director

Conrad Denke, Harry Mok, Jan Van Tassell, Bruce Dowling: Producer

"The Last Heroes"

Feature Narrative Long (Italy)

Runtime: 02:16:12

Roberto D'Antona: Writer & Director

Roberto D'Antona: Producer


Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:32:00

Justin Timpane: Director, Writer

Rob Hagans, Antonia Perry, Zach Miles, Monna Khan, Kelly Timpane,

Daniel Mascarello and Daniel Ross: Producer

Fiction Short - 45 Films:


Fiction Short (Russian Federation)

Runtime: 00:08:05

Mikhail Romanovskiy: Director

Maxim Maximov: Writer

Mikhail Romanovskiy, Marianna Roman: Producer

"Losin You"

Fiction Short (Malta)

Runtime: 00:20:00

Aleksa Ristovic: Writer & Director

Aleksa & Tania Ristovic & Giovann Attard : Producer

"Outside My Door"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:12:34

Noah Amedick: Writer & Director

Vince Williams: Producer


Fiction Short (Italy)

Runtime: 00:12:05

Alessandro Leo: Writer & Director

Moonlight Legacy Production and

Associazione Dotta Bologna: Producer

"Time Crisis"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:10:31

David Zhang: Director

Lulu Liang: Producer

Zhenning Yang: Editor

"Lakshmi The Untold Stories"

Fiction Short (India)

Runtime: 00:13:40

Kalpana Kumar: Writer & Director

Kalpana Kumar: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:08:15

Leszczynski D. Joseph: Writer &  Director & Producer

"Not Enough Time"

Fiction Short (Australia)

Runtime: 00:14:50

Jordan Frith: Director

Diane Keogh: Writer & Producer

"The Invitation"

Fiction Short (Germany)

Runtime: 00:24:04

Thorsten Schade: Writer & Director

Thorsten Schade: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:37:20

Jonathan Fink: Direct

Maeve O'Haire, Jonathan Fink: Writer

Julia Ann Morales: Producer

"Nut Milking Exposed"

Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:03:02

Nick Saik: Director

Tyler Duffy, Nick Saik: Writer

Nick Saik: Producer

"I Resign"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:06:30

Jay Mohan: Writer &Director

Jay Mohan: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:30

Kody Newton: Director

Kody Newton, Ryann Race: Writer

Kody Newton, Ryann Race: Producer

"Wishful Thinking"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:08

Meghan Courtney: Director

Marci Krown: Writer & Producer

"Here Today"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:13:32

Erica Arvold, Meredith Grace Dabney: Director

Meredith Grace Dabney: Writer


Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:22:00

Nicole Benoit: Writer & Director

Nicole Benoit, Andrew Bee, Alexandria Benoit: Producer

"That Good Night"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:11:55

Robert Rosenbaum: Writer & Director

Robert Rosenbaum, Valerie Lonigro, Rob Figueroa: Producer


Fiction Short (Kuwait)

Runtime: 00:09:36

Fahad Shatti: Director & Producer

Othman Al Shatti: Writer

"A Home for Curiosities"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: : 00:15:00

Ben Tobin: Director & Writer

Shannon Ryan, Ben Tobin: Producer

"Occurrence at Mills Creek"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:19:45

Don Swanson: Director

Don Swanson: Writer

Joe Fishel, Betsy Lynn George: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:16:20

Sam Dobbs: Director & Writer

Sam Dobbs: Producer

"A Paper House"

Fiction Short (China)

Runtime: 00:16:25

Wei Geng: Director & Writer

Wei Geng: Producer

"My Adventure"

Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:23:00

Roman Gregorička: Director

Roman Chrappa and

Roman Gregorička: Writer

Roman Chrappa: Producer


Fiction Short (Ireland)

Runtime: 00:17:42

Zeff Lawless: Writer & Director

Zeff Lawless: Producer

"The Sandman"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:28:30

Richard Poche: Director & Writer Richard Poche: Producer


Fiction Short (Hungary)

Runtime: 00:13:31

Karoly Palfai: Director & Writer

Karoly Palfai & Peter Gaal &

Alexandra Uri-Kovacs & Gabriella Nemeth: Producer

"Watercolor girl"

Fiction Short (Iran)

Runtime: 00:21:07

Siamak Kashefazar: Director

Siamak Kashefazar: Writer


Fiction Short (India)


Sreehari Purimetla, Aditya Joshi: Director

Sreehari Purimetla: Writer

Sreehari Purimetla, Colorify Productions: Producer

Aditya Joshi, Akshay Thaker: Producer


Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:14:59

Molotov Mitchell: Director & Writer

Greer Mitchell: Producer

"Muse In Life"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:13:40

Juan Wang: Director & Writer

Juan Wang, Menghuan Yang: Producer

"Locked In"

Fiction Short (United Kingdom)

Runtime: 00:10:00

Kevin Hoffer: Director

Peggy lewis: Writer

Mark Hensley, Peter Soby: Producer

Andre Chevrier, Grant Mclellan: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:40

Tian He: Writer & Director

Jordel Hurlow: Producer

Melody Huangfu: Producer

"Metal Detector"

Fiction Short (France)

Runtime: 00:29:45

Jennifer Fox Geraghty: Writer & Director &Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:04

Frances Wilkerson: Writer & Director

Frances Wilkerson: Producer

"The Timepiece"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:13:55

Karan Choudhary: Director

Karan Choudhary and

Michael Anastasio: Writer

Karan Choudhary: Producer

"The letter"

Fiction Short (Korea, Republic of)

Runtime: 00:09:00

jiyoung jung: Writer & Director

junsik Son: Producer

"A Deadly Charter"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:32:08

Hank Slaughter: Writer & Director

Hank Slaughter, Chris Gallop,

Mark E. Phillips, Roxy Maddex

Darla Breedlove-Baca: Producers


Fiction Short (Poland)

Runtime: 00:13:00

Piotr Sulkowski: Writer & Director

Film Fiction Adrian Sulkowski: Producer

"In The Mud"

Fiction Short (China)

Runtime: 00:29:40

Dominic Yeh: Writer & Director

Dominic Yeh: Producer

"The Repossession"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:29: 00

Jack Venturo: Writer & Director

Jack Venturo: Producer

"Black & White"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:29:40

WAI KUEN FU: Witer & Director

WAI KUEN FU: Producer

"Lucky Break"

Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:30:00

Nicole Benoit:Writer & Director

Nicole Benoit: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:29:40

Sándor Gál: Writer & Director

Judith Csernai: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:24:50

Boulanger Romuald: Writer & Director

Boulanger Romuald: Producer


Fiction Short (Italy)

Runtime: 00:16:50

Francesca Bellucci: Writer &Director

Francesca Bellucci: Producer

Documentary - 30 Films:

"Stolen Babies of Spain"

Documentary Long (Spain)

Runtime: 02:48:15

Greg Rabidoux: Writer & Director

Maravillas Lencina: Producer

"Peace Together"

Documentary Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:25

Michael A. Margio: Director

Terah K. Hensley: Writer & Producer

"For Our Children"

Documentary Short (Poland)

Runtime: 00:43:39

Marek Kłosowicz: Dariusz Twaróg: Director

Marek Kłosowicz: Writer

Marek Kłosowicz: Producer

"Tears of Gomti"

Documentary Short (India)


BAKSISH SINGH: Writer & Director


"Sockeye Salmon. Red fish"

Documentary Long

(Russian Federation)

Runtime: 00:51:00

Dmitriy Shpilenok and

Vladislav Grishin: Director

Dmitriy Shpilenok, Petr Shpilenok, Anna Sukhova: Producer

"Four Guys, the Navy & World War II"

Documentary Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:29:25

Matthew Wilcox: Writer & Director

Matthew Wilcox: Producer

"The Hardest Day"

Documentary Long (USA)

Runtime: 00:53:47

Ross Taylor: Director

Ross Taylor and Luke Rafferty: Producer

"Green Line"

Documentary Short (India)

Runtime: 01:29:49

Ebin Raj Maliakal: Writer & Director

Ebin Raj Maliakal: Producer

"Covid 19.Crisis 2020: GDL-MX"

Documentary Short (Mexico)

Runtime: 00:04:39

9: Director

Paola CruzRod: Writer

Ben David Garza: Producer

"Story of a Baked Brownie"

Documentary Short (South Africa)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Elelwani Netshifhire: Director

Monde Angelyn Kawana: Writer & Producer

Kondwani Joe Banda: Writer

"Exploring the Pacific Northwest"

Documentary Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:04:44

Directed by: Ian Anthony Nelson

Jonathan Galland: Composer

"Haunted Roots"

Documentary Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:41:10

Matt Ryan Vilade, will Cook: Director

Matt Ryan Vilade, Will Cook: Producer

"Woman From Mars"

Documentary Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:40:00

Piano Whitman: Director & Writer & Producer

Dylan Mars Greenberg: Key Cast

"A Diary on Blindness"

Documentary Long (India)

Runtime: 00:50:40

Sajeed Naduthody: Writer & Director

Sajeed Naduthody: Producer

"When the River Runs Dry"

Documentary Long (Australia)

Runtime: 00:52:00

Rory McLeod: Director

Rory McLeod, Peter Yates: Writer

Bridget may: Producer

"Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli" Documentary (UAE)

Runtime: 00: 13:25

Yazan Al Assadi: Director

Dia Zaiem: Producer

"ANTARCTICA. Slides of Life"

Documentary (Ukraine)

Runtime: 00:07:17



"An American In Europe"

Documentary Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:00

Johnny Vonneumann:

Writer & Director

Johnny Vonneumann, Jeanne Bailey:


"The Donbass children"

Documentary Long (Bulgaria)

Runtime: 00:60:00

Lubomir Dankov: Director

Zina Nacheva: Editor

Tanya Krylova, Lubomir Dankov: Cinematographer

"Mirage Of Hope"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:07:17

Rushil Srirambhatla &

Ajitesh Mishra &

Abhinav Ramavath:

Director & Producer

"Called to the Front Lines"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:36:23

Kenneth Nwadike:Writer & Director

Ken E. Nwadike, Jr.: Producer


Documentary (Macao)

Runtime: 01:36:23


and LAI WENG IAN: Director

"Blue Kangling"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:36:23

Matt Blackburn: Writer & Director

Nick Mills, Chandan Jha: Producer

"Migraines, The Imposter"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:07:18

Kevin R. Smith, M.D. , Anna Giron and Nolen Davis: Director & Producer

Kevin R. Smith, M.D.,  and Anna Giron: Writer

"A Conversation With America"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:35:00

Jim Kroft: Writer & Director

Jim Kroft: Producer

"Freedom Love Gold"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:10:00

Christina Hodel: Director & Producer

Christina Hodel and

Steven Andrew Jetter: Writer

"Two Magic Drops"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:14:22 

Soren & Eriksen Dickens:

Writer & Director

Platinum Peek Production: Producer

"Do You Think God Loves

Immigrant Kids, Mom?"

Documentary (Turkey)

Runtime: 01:29:36

Rena Lusin Bitmez: Writer & Director

Rena Lusin Bitmez: Producer

"The One and Only

Jewish Miss America"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:51:00

David Arond: Director

Codi Ruttenbur: Writer

David Arond: Producer

"The Bobby Chacon"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:30:00

Richard Poche: Writer & Director

Richard Poche: Producer

Music Video- 30 Films:

"The Way I Used to Know"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:53

Don Swanson: Director

Mia Zanotti, Lorey Zanotti, Jay Zanotti: Writer

"Don't Leave Me"

Music Video (Brazil)

Runtime: 00:05:55

Leonardo Fiorito, Alexandre Moretzsohn: Director

Leonardo Fiorito: Writer & Producer

"I Don't Wanna Want It"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:12

Jim Gloyd: Director

Jim Gloyd, Cole Tague, Amanda Blakenship: Writer

Jim Gloyd: Producer

"Follow Me"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:06

Kate Eppers: Writer & Director

Kate Eppers: Producer

"ACS France"

Music Video (France)

Runtime: 00:01:53

ACS France: Director & Producer

Jonathan Galland: Composer


Music Video (India)

Runtime: 00:08:00

Yuvraaj Parashar: Writer & Director

 & Producer


Music Video (Belgium)

Runtime: 00:03:00

Hugo Teugels: Director & Producer

Hugo Teugels, Leisle AuVante: Writer

"The Real Exorcist"

Music Video (China)

Runtime: 00:06:05

Sayaka Okawa: Name of Band or Artist

Koutaro Ishida: Director

Akira Uniya: Producer

"Six Day Back"

Animation (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:40

Scott Cierski: Director

John Galzote: Animator

Steve Archibald: Composer


Music Video (Spain)

Runtime: 00:04:18

Mikel Arraiz: Writer & Director

Itziar Lacunza: Producer

"The Hard Road Trio-

Mama Spin Me Round"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:06: 49

Orlando Martos: Director, Writer

Orlando Martos, Todd Packard: Producer


Music Video (Mexico)

Runtime: 00:07:05

Ricardo Ruvalcaba: Director

Giovanni Bermea: Writer

Ben David Garza: Producer

"Pearl Cadillac"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:05:12

Clément Oberto: Director

Boris Labourguigne, Blase Biello,  Roger M. Mayer: Producer

"Nice Shoes"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:47

Jonathan Lawrence: Director

Tommy Mack: Writer & Producer

"The Gold Rush"

Music Video (Switzerland)

Runtime: 00:11:01

Fabrizio Notarpietro: Writer & Director & Producer

"Time Flies"

Music Video (Switzerland)


Fabrizio Notarpietro: Writer & Director & Producer

"Catchpenny Ritz"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:47

Haiyang Yu: Writer & Director

Haiyang Yu: Producer

"Silence to silence"

Musixc Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:13

Daniele Gangemi: Director

D.G. & Mario Venuti: Writer

"Fadi Awad - To Glory Land"

Music Video (Canada)

Runtime: 00:05:51

Fadi Awad: Writer & Director

Fadi Awad: Producer


Music Video (Italy)

Runtime: 00:03:22

Daniele Gangemi: Writer & Director

Producer: Daniele Gangemi

Flat Teeth "On My Heels"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:11

Christopher Spurgin: Director

Flat Teeth: Music

"Time To Say Goodbye"

Music Video (Canada)

Runtime: 00:04:30

Son Jake: Writer & Director

Son Jake: Producer

"The wishing well"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:17

Kate Eppers: Writer & Director

Kate Eppers: Producer

"Time Will Tell"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Melinda Holbein-Loeffler: Director

Max Kaiser, Spencer Johnson: Producer

"An American In Europe"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:00

Johnny Vonneumann:

Writer & Director

Johnny Vonneumann, Jeanne Bailey:


"Psychosexual - Rock N Roll"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:06

Nathan Cox: Writer & Director

Nathan Cox:  Producer

"Franklin Street"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:30

Eric Lindquist