* Annual Event 2021, Film Streaming *

May 1st through June 15th, 2021

We had 170 films from fifty countries, all competing in 6 categories.

There are two awards in each category, one will be determined by the judges and one by audience.

People can vote and email us their favorite film together with the ticket number to:

[email protected]

* Category Group Tickets *

* List of the films in each category *

Feature Narrative Long - 20 Films:

"Choir Girl"

Feature Narrative Long (Australia)


John Fraser: Director & Writer

"Moving Ashley"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Runtime: 01:01:00

Melissa Farley: Director

Melissa Farley & Stephen Kessen: Producer

"The Petrichor"

Feature Narrative long (Canada)

Runtime: 01:43:58

Junga Song: Director &  Writer

"Where I Come From"

Feature Narrative Long (Cameroon)

Runtime: 01:45:17

Takong Delvis: Director

Tessy Eseme TTAProducer

"Break  Of  Day"

Feature Narrative Long (Sweden)

Runtime: 01:17:31

Maria Forslin: Director & Writer

Mitt Film: Producer

"Deep Inside"

Feature Narrative (India)


Bharath Bhushan Nathi: Director & Writer

Karuunaa: Producer

"Kaali Maati"

Feature Narrative long (India)

Runtime: 01:45:00

Hemantkumar Mahale: Director & Writer & Producer

"On Halloween"

Feature Narrative Long (Australia)

Runtime: 01:32:00

Timothy Boyle: Writer & Director & Producer

"Anarchy Inc"

Feature Narrative (USA)

Long Runtime:00:54:41

Christopher Kosakowski: Director & Writer &  Producer

"Shocking Marriage"

Feature Narrative Long (Italy) 

Runtime: 01:39:00

Demetrio Casile: Writer & Director & Producer

"Beautiful Lure "

 A Modern Tale Of Painted Skin

Feature Narrative Long (Japan)

Runtime: 02:00:00

Hiroshi Akabane: Director

Ryuho Okawa: Writer

Hissaki Takeuchi: Producer

"The Teacher"

Feature Narraative Long (Turky)

Runtime: 01:30:00

Muslim Sahin: Director & Writer

Halit Arabaci: Producer

"Zu Den Sternen"

Feature Narrative Long (Germany)

Runtime: 01:13:00

Nicolai Tegeler: Director

Dirk Josczok: Writer

Tobias York: Producer


Feature Narrative Long (Canada)

Runtime: 01:20:00

Stuart G. Robertson: Director & Writer


Feature Narrative Long (Sweden)

Runtime: 01:35:00

Ove Valeskog: Director & Writer & Producer

"Good Old Friends"

Feature Narrative Long (Germany)

Runtime: 01:26:44

Peter Kondra & Mikael Schallock: Director

Peter Kondra: Writer

 Peter Kondra & Mikael Schallock: Producer

"Avalakki Pavalakki"

Feature Narrative Long


Runtime: 02:00:00

Durga Prasad: Director

Yuvaraju:  Writer


Feature Narrative Long (India)

Runtime: 01:25:12

Junaid Herekar: Director & Writer

"The Mike Ogre"

Feature Narrative Long (Myanmar)

Runtime: 02:03:56

Lu Min: Director

Producer: Kyaw Kyaw Oo

"Orson Rehearsed"

Feature Narrative Long (USA)


Daron Hagen: Director & Writer

Fiction Short - 40 Films:


Fiction Short (India)

Runtime: 00:16:00

Deepak Reddy: Director & Writer

Shilpa Gajjala: Producer

"Lip Reader:Game Of Detective"

Fiction Short (China)

Runtime: 00:29:00

Tanxuan Shi: Writer & Director & Producer

"Too Far"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:21:39

Juan Alonso: Writer & Director

 Ethan Perez: Producer

"Like Daughter Like Mother"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:31

Clyde Baldo: Director

Randy Sloane: Producer

"Strange Woman"

Fiction Short (China)

Runtime: 00:27:11

Peng Dong: Director &  Writer & Producer


Fiction Short (Malasia)

Runtime: 00:13:00

Kurizu Lee: Director

Grace Low: Producer

"The McHenry Trial"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:30:00

Ken Sagoes: Writer &  Director

Karen T. Bolt: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:07:53

Kody Newton: Director &  Writer & Producer

"All The Young Dudes"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:08:39

William Stead: Writer & Director

 Cameron Greco: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:19:22

Heather Horner & Kody Newton:

Direct & Producer

"Check, Please"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:07:02

Elea Clair: Director

MarineAssaiante: Producer

"The Widow"

Fiction Short (Australia)

Runtime: 00:28:30

Brendan Young: 

Writer &Director & Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:35:21

Joshua Nelson: Director & Writer

"Magician: Game Of Detective"

Fiction Short (China)

Runtime: 00:30:00

Thanxuan Shi: Director &  Writer

"Infinity By Two"

Fiction Short (Hungary)

Runtime: 00:14:40

David Pincze: Director

Piroska Kovacs: Producer 

"Golf Tee Shot"

Fiction Short (Ireland)

Runtime: 00:13:30

Zeff Lawless: Writer & Director & Producer

"Get A Job Ya Bum"

Fiction Short (Australia)

Runtime: 00:114:53

Stephen Bowker: Writer & Director

"The Eve"

Fiction Short (Italy)

Runtime: 00:20:00

Luca  Machnich: Writer & Director

"A lone"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: : 00:33:00

Jason Pitts: Director & Writer


Fiction Short (Australia)

Runtime: 00:18:00

Jye Currie: Director & Writer & Producer

"I'm Gonna Tell God"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:19:37

Dev Pinn: Director & Writer & Producer

"Putravati Bhava"

Fiction Short (India)

Runtime: 00:12:34

Gajen Panging: Director & Writer & Producer

"My Adventure"

Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:23:00

Roman Gregorička: Director

Roman Chrappa and

Roman Gregorička: Writer

Roman Chrappa: Producer


Fiction Short (uUSA)

Runtime: 00:10:00

Maggie Levin: Director

Ryan Nemeth: Writer

"Echoes Of Kerberos"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:34

Ross Kolton: Director 

Steve Brock: Writer  & Producer

"Amy And The Tortoise"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:15:37

John Leben: Director & Writer & Producer

"Waking Up Eighty"

Fiction Short (United Kingdom)

Runtime: 00:10:01

Mj Palo: Director & Producer

"Until Our Last Breath"

Fiction Short (USA)


Ashlynn Hideman & Ky Hanchett: 

Director & Producer

"​Absurd Man"

Fiction Short (Turkey)

Runtime: 00:08:06

Burak Kum: Director & Writer


Fiction Short (Spain)

Runtime: 00:11:07

Jordi  Clusella Arimany: Director

David Cuni Giralt: Producer

"Dark Hearts"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:18:00

Kevin Van Stevenson: Director

Eileen Grubba: Producer


Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:10

Qi Zhu: Director &Producer

"And After"

Fiction Short (Belgium)

Runtime: 00:14:06

Marine Follonier: Writer & Director

"Boss Battle"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:09:48

Nick Pinelli: Director &  Writer

"Fortune No Glory"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:20:58

Ryan Cary Wear: 

Writer & Director & Producer

"Miss Mary Mack"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:17:50

Tim True: Director &  Writer


Fiction Short (Canada)

Runtime: 00:10:00

Kyle Lawrence: 

Writer & Director &  Producer

"We Can Still Make It "

Fiction Short (Russian Federation)

Runtime: 00:16:07

Lydia Filippova: Director

Alexander Shestakov: Producer

"The Jubilee Cake"

Fiction Short (USA)

Runtime: 00:20: 45

Wayne Hazle: Writer & Director &  Producer

Documentary - 35 Films:

"The Funny Runner"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:19:58

 Robsteger: Director &  Producer

"Belle-Ile En Acadie"

Documentary  (Canada)

Runtime: 00:26:00

Phill Comeao: Director &  Producer

"The Price"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:03

Kenny gage: Director

Amir Rahnavardi: Writer &  Producer

"Why The Sprey"

Documentary  (USA)


Jason Jones: Writer & Director

"Last Call For Tomorrow"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:94:00

Gary Null: Director

Valerie Van Cleve  Producer

"Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:46:50

Cheryl Halpern: Director & Producer

"Frank Little"

Documentary  (Poland)

Runtime: 00:06:01

Ross Taylor: Director

Ross Taylor and Luke Rafferty: Producer

"Previously Unknown Legend"

Documentary  (India)

Runtime: 00:58:54

Previously Unknown Legend: 

Director & Producer

"Too Good To Be Forgotten"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:23:47

Andy Bystrom: Writer, Director & Producer


Documentary  (Korea Republic Of)

Runtime: 01:31:57

Woojin Song: Director & Writer & Producer

"In China"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:59:00

Les Oven: Writer, Director & Producer

"Wild Horses"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:45

William E. Sipson II: Director &  Producer

"Secretly Pregnant During A Pandemic"

Documentary  (USA)

Runtime: 00:13:19

Tina Marie Cox: 

Director & Writer

"Freed Climb"

Documentary (France)

Runtime: 00:25:50

Benoit Regord: Director

Air Libre Prod: Producer

"The Dark Side Of Green Energies"

Documentary  (France)

Runtime: 00:54:00

Jean Louis Perez: Director

"The Roots Of  Lacrosse"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00: 23:34

Shelby Tsioweri & Juannne Storkan: Directors


Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:13:58

Vin Accardi:  Director

Conquer Films: Producer

"Wings Of Angels"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:17:46

Benjamin Connell: Director & Producer

"Sounding The Alarm"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:18:16

Peter Goetz: Writer & Director

"CV 19"

Documentary (United Kingdom)

Runtime: 00:11:02

Samuel Bailey: Director

"The Need For Connectivity"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:26:46

William & Max Freund:

 Writer & Director &  Producer

"Glimpses Into The Spirit Of Gender Equality"

Documentary (Canada)

Runtime: 00:42:15

Kyle Schmalenberg & Nava Kavelin : Director & Producer

"Dance Of Life"

Documentary (Iran)

Runtime: 01:23:00

Peyman Zandi: Director & Producer


Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:08:00

Ryan Magennis: Director & Producer

"Behind The Name Shakespeare"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:39:00  

Robin Philips: Director

"The Sexy  Six"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:36:34

Kathy Drasky: Director

"America In Peril"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:32:12

 Christopher Casler: 

Director & Writer & Producer

"Right Now I Wan To Scream"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 01:02:00

Cahal McLaughlin & Siobhan Wills: Director Producer

"Onion Mountain"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:02:20

John Luerding: Director &  Producer

"Between Heaven And A Hard Land"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:22:55

Matthew Wilcox: Director &  Producer

"Resurrection Of T he Last Black in 8:46"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:08:46

Terrence Spivy & Jennifer Hearn: Director &  Producer


Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:52:00

Neil Myers: Director &  Producer

"Actions Speak Louder Than Medals"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:19:00

John Mollison: Director &  Producer

"Love Is Something"

Documentary (USA)

Runtime: 00:22:41

Joshua Scott: Director &  Producer

Music Video- 20 Films:

"Not Fad Away"

Music Video (France)

Runtime: 00:02:35

Laurence Mercier: Director &  Writer

"ofGod: There's Nothing Like Being Saved"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:09

Artie E. Romero: Director

"Toward The Sun"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:05:39

Alex Linares & Flora Cheng: Director


Music Video (Chile)

Runtime: 00:06:17

Francisco Palacios: 

Writer & Director Producer

"The Widow"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:02:49

Hibiscus Cloud Berry: Director & Producer

"New Hampshire: Live Free And Fly"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:33

Jen Hosker: Director & Producer

"Straight Into The Ocean"

Music Video (Belgium)

Runtime: 00:05:40

Carolyn Laws: Director & Producer

"You Can't See Through Me"

Music Video (China)

Runtime: 00:03:41

Tim Roth: Director &  Producer

"Perro Sombra

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:17

Nestor Bravo: Director

"Onion Mountain"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:02:20

John Luerding: Director&  Producer

"Se So Neon: New Youth"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:06:31

Junseok Eom: Director, Writer

"Behind The Glass"

Animation (Spain)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Pedro De La Llave: 

Director & Producer & Writer

"Rock Lobster"

Music Video (France)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Laurent Mercier: Director

"We Could Be"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:05:14

Serena Elisabeth Kunzler:

 Director &  Producer

"The Real Exorcist"

Music Video (Japan)

Runtime: 00:06:05

H. S. Creator: Director

"Made It"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:31

Brian Henderson: Director

"The Hard Road Trio"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:06:49

Orlando Martos: Director

"Nuclear Gods"

Music Video (Mexico)

Runtime: 00:04:30

Marshal Santillan: Director

"The Light"

Music Video (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:05

Jhonatan Lopez: Director &Writer

Animation - 25 Films:

"The Boy And The Mountain"

Animation (Chile)

Runtime: 00:11:23

Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal:


"Rock Lobster"

Animation (France)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Laurent Mercier: Director

"The Game Just Got Real"

Animation (Switzerland)


bellopropello: Writer & Director &  Producer


Animation (USA)


Enrrique Pilozo :

 Writer & Director & Producer


Animation (USA)


Kim Nguyen: Writer & Director

"How Cartoons Are Made"

Animation (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:09

Artie Romero: Director & Producer

"Yuki Vs Panda"

Animation (Canada)


Andrew Plamer: Writer & Director & Producer

"Head In The Clouds"

Animation (Australia)

Runtime: 00:01:05

Matt Bissett Johanson: 

Director & writer & Producer

"You Can't See Through  Me"

Animation (USA)

Runtime: 00:03:41

Tim Roth: Director &  Producer

"Destination Money"

Animation (India)

Runtime: 00:05:11

Akarik Ami: Writer & Director &  Producer

"ofGod: There's Nothing Like Being Saved"

Animation (USA)

Runtime: 00:04:09

Artie E. Romero: Director

"The Moon 2050"

Animation (Russian Federation)

Runtime: 00:14:19

Paul Lapushkin: 

Writer & Director &  Producer

"Behind The Glass"

Animation (Spain)

Runtime: 00:05:00

Pedro De La Llave: 

Director & Producer & Writer

"On / Off"

Animation (Argentina)

Runtime: 00:07:00

Nicolas P. Villarreal: Writer & Director

"All Hail The Champion"

Animation (USA)

Runtime: 00:06:06

Eric Lochstampfor:

 Writer & Director &  Producer